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Faith Based Counseling

Faith Based Counseling Services Questions and Answers

If you are struggling with your faith, talk to our team of professionals today at Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry about our faith based counseling services in Ann Arbor, MI. For more information, call us today or visit us online to book an appointment.

Faith Based Counseling Services Near Me Ann Arbor, MI
Faith Based Counseling Services Near Me Ann Arbor, MI

Table of Contents:

What is faith based counseling?
What are the benefits of faith based counseling?
How do you integrate faith in counseling?
What do faith based counselors do?

What is faith based counseling? 

Faith based counseling, also referred to as Christian or Pastoral counseling commonly combines behavioral science counseling used in most psychotherapy practices, with teachings based in biblical scripture and theological principles. People for whom spirituality and religion play a big role in their lives find this type of counseling of interest. Faith based counseling is for those who have deep faith-based values that guide them in their decision making, how they set priorities, their understanding of suffering, and also to provide meaning and purpose in their lives. The general definition of counseling is a trained and educated therapist providing education, guidance, coaching, advice, and information, as well as listening and being supportive to someone in emotional need.

Faith based counseling provides the same guidance, with a religious or spiritual basis. The goals set out in faith based counseling are determined by the client in conjunction with their counselor, which may include:

– Making sense of the challenges and suffering in one’s life
– Learning how to deepen one’s faith and increase coping skills
– Helping identify purpose and meaning in life
– Identify religious or spiritual values that guide life choices
– Learning how to forgive oneself and others, and ask for forgiveness
– How to connect or reconnect with their religious community

What are the benefits of faith based counseling?

For those with strong religious or spiritual beliefs, who are struggling can look to faith based counseling for help with:

– Spiritual or religious concerns (questioning your faith)
– Marriage, couples, and family issues
– Discover your meaning and purpose
– Help with making life decisions
– Maintaining or improving health (physical, emotional, and spiritual)
– Reducing symptoms of mental illness and reducing stress
– Finding a sense of belonging, and connecting with others in our faith
– Developing optimism and hope

How do you integrate faith in counseling? 

A faith based professional counselor, psychotherapist, or psychologist has completed years of extensive study in both a psychology related field and within their faith, and works to integrate science based psychotherapy with religious beliefs and values in a balanced way. A faith based counselor or therapist will ask their client questions about their beliefs, practices, and values to help them make specific value-based recommendations, ranging from engaging in particular religious’ activities like prayer or meditation. A therapy session may also involve the counselor reading selected scripture and praying together with their client. There is a wide range of faith based interventions available, and some may not be appropriate for everyone. There are also a number of decision-making models that help a counselor determine how and when to address religious or spiritual issues with clients, and when to integrate spiritual interventions into their psychotherapy sessions.

What do faith based counselors do?

Faith based counselors provide a wide range of rehabilitation support, advice, and counseling from a spiritual or religious perspective, and are trained to help clients suffering from mental health issues, disabilities or trauma, or addictions. A crucial factor to successful results from therapy with a faith based counselor is that there is a good match between the client and therapist, where both can relate to one another forming a basis of a trusting counselor/client relationship. The faith based counselor also provides science based counseling techniques, and coming from a professional who understands their client’s religious or spiritual concerns, without judgment of the faith of their client, makes for a comfortable and trusting counselor/client relationship. Our highly trained, and compassionate faith based counseling specialists at Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry will tailor your treatment that fits your needs, both spiritually and mentally, to bring peace and ease to your life. We make sure you and your counselor are a good fit to ensure you have a comfortable and trusting relationship and succeed.

You can request an appointment from our website, or call our office to set up your appointment. We serve patients anywhere in Michigan. Licensed in Ann Arbor MI, Pittsfield Charter TWP MI, Ypsilanti MI, Saline MI, Dexter MI, Scio TWP MI and surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you find your happiness.


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