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Grief Counseling Specialist in Michigan

Grief Counseling Specialist in Michigan

Grief counseling is the therapeutic process that supports individuals and families in understanding, accepting, and dealing with grief, loss, and other forms of stress associated with death and other life transitions. If you or your loved ones are in need of grief counseling, talk to our professionals at Best Fit Counseling and Psychiatry. For more information, contact us today or visit us online to book an appointment. We serve patients from Ann Arbor, MI and surrounding areas.

Grief Counseling Specialist Near Me in Michigan
Grief Counseling Specialist Near Me in Michigan

Table of Contents:

What therapy approach is best for grief?
What are 3 healthy ways to deal with grief?
What is dysfunctional grief?
What is the hardest stage of grief?

Counseling provides a safe and supportive environment to learn how to manage the painful emotions associated with death as well as to facilitate the healing process. Grief counselors work with clients to identify and recognize the many forms of loss, provide tools and strategies to cope with the impact of death, and help clients transition through the stages of grief in order to promote healing and growth. The primary goal of grief counseling is to assist the bereaved in working through their feelings, understanding their unique ways of coping, and adjusting to life after the death of a loved one.

What therapy approach is best for grief?

Just as people experience grief in different ways, there are also multiple different approaches to process grief. Grief therapy techniques vary in how they deal with loss; the type of therapy or technique that works best for any one person greatly depends on a number of factors, such as if they are dealing with prolonged grief, as well as the cause of their grief. In some cases, a combination of grief therapy techniques and tools might result in a more efficacious outcome. Grief therapy interventions include:

– Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
– Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
– Traumatic grief therapy
– Complicated grief therapy (CGT)
– Group Therapy
– Art therapy
– Play therapy (for children)

What are 3 healthy ways to deal with grief?

There are many healthy ways in which a person can deal with grief, such as journaling, finding a creative outlet (writing, painting, music, etc.), and seeking help from a trained professional. In addition to this, instilling healthy lifestyle behaviors that promote wellness is one of the best things you can do when processing grief. This includes eating regularly and consuming a nutritious, well-balanced diet, staying adequately hydrated by drinking ample water, staying active and regularly exercising, as well as getting fresh air.

What is dysfunctional grief?

Dysfunctional grief is an extreme state of grief that causes intense depression, overwhelming feelings of loss, and long-lasting lamentation. It can prevent a person from working through the stages of grief in healthy and expected ways. If left untreated, this type of grief usually remains unresolved and can lead to several severe complications down the line. Some common symptoms of dysfunctional grief include:

– Inability to re-establish relationships
– Excessive crying
– Extreme sadness
– Repeated reliving of past loss
– Unable to lessen the intensity of grief
– Unable to function
– Emotional instability
– Ongoing lamentation
– Unresolved denial 
– Unresolved anger
– Angry outbursts
– Changes in eating and sleeping habits
– Feelings of guilt

What is the hardest stage of grief?

Everyone experiences grief differently, and therefore the hardest stage of grief can vary from one person to the next. For some people, it may be the time they hear the news of the loss of a loved one. For others, it might be during or after the funeral, which is especially typical for people who lived with the person who passed. However, grief takes on many different forms and depending on the cause of the grief, it could look completely different from one person to another.

If you are grieving and need someone to help guide you through the process, call Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry to book an appointment with our experienced grief counseling specialist. We offer telemedicine psychiatry services Licensed in Ann Arbor MI, Pittsfield Charter TWP MI, Ypsilanti MI, Saline MI, Dexter MI, Scio TWP MI, and surrounding areas.


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