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Telehealth Mental Health Services in Michigan

Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry specialists offer telehealth or online treatment services anywhere in Michigan and our corporate offices in Ann Arbor MI, if you have a computer, tablet or smartphone. Learn why 85% of our patients prefer the convenience and safety of telehealth treatment. For more information call us today or request an appointment online.

Telehealth Services Near Me in Ann Arbor, MI
Telehealth Services Near Me in Ann Arbor, MI

The pandemic created the need for almost everyone to use online platforms like Zoom, Google Meets, Facetime or Skype for remote work, school, connecting with friends and family and medical care. Before the pandemic, online services were the “future of psychiatric & counseling services.” For everyone’s safety that future became the new normal and now most patients say they prefer online services over those onsite

Why Best Fit Patients Love Telehealth Services

There are many studies that document that online psychiatry & counseling services are as effective as office based treatment for most issues, age groups and modalities including individuals, couples and families.

Many insurance companies were paying for online psychiatry & counseling services before the pandemic. Now all of the companies that we work with pay for online treatment. Blue Cross and Medicare are the most influential insurance providers in Michigan and they both are saying they are committed to paying for online psychiatry & counseling services. Additionally, now that patients and treatment providers have experienced the benefits of online services, they are lobbying for insurance companies to continue to pay for online treatment as they do for onsite treatment.

Covid created the need for greater use of online psychiatry & counseling services. It continues to be the safest way for patients and providers to meet and do their work.

There is a shortage of psychiatric providers and in many areas it can take from 1 -3 months to get an appointment and even longer with someone who accepts your insurance. With online services providers are not limited by geography and now there are more opportunities to find the right specialist for your needs.

Convenience and Comfort
Once patients experience the convenience of online treatment – not having to get dressed up, make a plan, find and pay for child care, worry about the weather, travel, get stuck in traffic, find parking, sometimes spend more time driving than the time in your session…it easy to understand why they prefer the comfort of home or the convenience of scheduling an appointment during their lunch hour.

Easier To Schedule
Because online services enable you to have sessions wherever you can find a private space at home, work or even your parked car, scheduling and keeping appointments has never been easier. Research shows that cancellations and missed appointments are lower for online services than for office based services.

Saves Time & Money
Online service eliminates the costs, time and stress associated with scheduling and traveling to and from appointments. Many of our patients used to travel 1 -2 hrs round trip for a 15 – 20 minute follow up appointment with their psychiatry provider. Ovr 90% prefer online sessions now.

More Private, No Waiting Room
Many patients say that although services are supposed to be confidential, being in a waiting room is public and for many there is a fear or anxiety about seeing a neighbor or coworker.

Easy to Use and Get Started
All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone, internet connection and the willingness to see if online services are a good fit for you.

Is It The Best Fit for You
Although most people prefer online treatment that does not mean that it is right for you. Everyone has different needs and preferences. For some people with more significant problems or younger children with more limited verbal communication skills online treatment may not be the best fit. We know that fit matters and we won’t schedule an appointment unless we believe and our patients believe that we are a Best Fit. When you first contact us and at any time after, if we don’t think we are the Best Fit we will do our best to help you find someone who is.

Talk to us today and let us help you on the road to recovery. We serve patients anywhere in Michigan and our corporate offices are in Ann Arbor MI and surrounding areas including Pittsfield Charter TWP MI, Ypsilanti MI, Saline MI, Dexter MI and Scio TWP MI.


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