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Check Out What Our Patients are Saying About Us

Check Out What Our Patients are Saying About Us

1) Effective
Over 80% of our patients feel and function better based on validated outcome measures over the last 10 yrs. Our data and research supports that telehealth treatment is as effective as office based for most issues and ages.

“ I wish I had found Dr Lemmen and Best Fit 10yrs ago. He gave me my life back. I had been in talk therapy with 3 different counselors and it was just talk. I actually got worse because I was learning that I was hopeless, nothing worked… I would always be at the mercy of my depression. My therapists never explained that my depression was also about biochemistry as Dr L did. He said I needed something to dial things down so I could benefit from counseling. He put me on something for sleep and my depression. Eight months later I can’t believe how much better I feel. I can handle things without getting overwhelmed or pissed off. I can laugh and have fun again. It really helped that they recommended a counselor for my wife who also worked with us as a couple. My wife says she’s got me back now and we are doing alot better.”

2) Safe and Convenient – Telehealth Treatment Services
84% of our patients prefer telehealth services because they are in the safety, privacy (no waiting room), convenience of their home- less need for planning, driving, parking, dealing with traffic, weather…

“I had my doubts when they started doing things online because of Covid. Pretty soon I realized that counseling really wasn’t that different but OMG…I don’t have to drive 45 minutes each way, worry about traffic or the weather…

“ I am not very good with the internet, technology… I was afraid I would look stupid. Even though I didn’t say it my counselor sensed that I was intimidated…she was patient and helped me to learn how to do it. I didn’t think communicating on a screen could ever take the place of sitting down face to face. Now that I’m used to it, I never thought I would say it but I hope they don’t go back to the office… I am an old dog that learned a new trick, actually a lot of tricks, I guess that is the point.”

3) Affordable
96% of our patients use insurance to pay for treatment (link to insurance) and their average cost per session is $31.00. We have many options for payment.

“I wasted a lot of time and money for treatment that didn’t help and didn’t take my insurance. I am so happy my sister told me about Best Fit. Kristi and Diane are the Best. My monthly bill is less than I paid each week and I am really doing better now. I feel like they care about me, not just the money. “

“I was disappointed that they didn’t take my insurance. They talked with me about the cost. When I told them I couldn’t afford it, I was surprised that they gave me a couple of options to help find someone who took my insurance rather than hanging up or blowing me off. “

4) Easy to Get Started
“ I liked that they wanted to see if they had a specialist for me rather than just scheduling me with anyone that had time. They told me that they could schedule me with Kristi in a few days and asked if I was ok with waiting a week or 2 to see a woman counselor, closer to my age, who specialized in trauma treatment as I requested. Abigail was worth the wait. I feel like she gets me and she makes sure that I am working on things between sessions and that is paying off. Kristi got me on meds that have calmed me down, helped me sleep and have the motivation to plan and actually do things again. It’s great that they got me medication and counseling. My last therapist recommended that I go to my PCP but now I can see I wasn’t on the right dose or medication..It didn’t help so I stopped taking it and I stopped the counseling too because I wasn’t getting better.”

“ I must have called 20 places before Best Fit, trying to find a psychiatrist who could get me in soon and would take my insurance. I was desperate but when I called and scheduled an appointment the next day I thought they can’t be that good if I can get in so fast. I’m cynical – if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. This is one time I didn’t mind being wrong. Dr L knows what he’s doing. He’s got a sense of humor and he doesn’t act like he thinks he’s smarter or better than me even if he is. They may not be the perfect fit but it is way better than I expected.”


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