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Best Fit provides effective, affordable and convenient online telehealth care from psychiatry & counseling specialists tailoring treatment to meet your needs. Our psychiatrists are able to schedule an appointment within a week and accept insurance. Here at Best Fit if the fit is not right we will help you find someone that will be. Our wide range of services includes medicine management, counseling, coaching services, telehealth services, specialty programs, alcohol & drug use, depression, anxiety, stress, grief, loss, trauma, career, relationship, child, counseling and much more. For more information call us today or request an appointment online. We serve patients anywhere in Michigan. Licensed in Ann Arbor MI, Pittsfield Charter TWP MI, Ypsilanti MI, Saline MI, Dexter MI, Scio TWP MI and surrounding areas

Welcome to Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry


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Stress, depression, anxiety, ADHD, child, family, relationship, work, and substance use issues are some of the most common problems that we can experience at some point in our lives. We will find a counseling and or psychiatric specialist that is the best fit for you, that accepts your insurance, and ideally can meet with you at times that work for you… anywhere in Michigan

Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry Near Me in Ann Arbor, MI - Read More Why are we the best fit?
Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry Near Me in Ann Arbor, MI - Read More Why are we the best fit?

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78% of our patients feel and function better based on validated outcome measures over the last 10 years. Although we can’t guarantee the outcome for any individual, we know that the process we have developed and refined over the last 40 years consistently helps our patients to make meaningful improvements.

It doesn’t matter that online services are convenient and effective unless they are affordable too. This year 96% of our patients use their health insurance to pay for services and their average cost per session is $31.00. A foundation for a Best Fit is affordability.

Our online services have significantly improved our patients’ access to treatment particularly in underserved communities. 85% of our patients prefer the safety, privacy and comfort of home, greater flexibility of scheduling, time and money saved, reduced stress and easy access they experience with online treatment.