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About Us

About Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry

Over the last 10 yrs 83% of our patients feel and function better based on validated outcome measures. Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry offers a wide range of services including telehealth, medication management, and counseling/coaching services. We also offer specialty treatment programs for depression, anxiety/stress, grief & loss, PTSD & trauma, children & families, couples, alcohol & drug use, transitions & life skills, career & work and much more. Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry specialists offer telehealth treatment services anywhere in Michigan. For more information call us today, request an appointment online.

About Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry
About Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry

Our Commitment To You Best Fit Care

– Counseling & Psychiatry Specialists
– When You Need Them (Not Weeks or Months Later)
– Tailoring Treatment to Fit You
– In the Safety and Comfort of your Home
– Anywhere in Michigan via Telehealth
– That is Effective, Affordable, Safe and Convenient
– And if We Can’t, We Will Help you Find Someone Who Can

Why Choose Best FIt Care?


1) Effective
Over 80% of our patients feel and function better based on validated outcome measures over the last 10 yrs.
Our data and research support that telehealth treatment is as effective as office-based for most issues and ages.


2) Safe and Convenient – Telehealth Treatment Services
84% of our patients prefer telehealth services because they are in the safety, privacy (no waiting room), the convenience of your home- less need for planning, driving, parking, dealing with traffic, weather…

3) Affordable
96% of our patients use insurance to pay for treatment (link to insurance) and their average cost per session is $31.00. We have many options for payment.

4) Easy to Get Started
1- Call for more information or click on the Request an Appointment/Are We the Best Fit (This is the most efficient way to begin.)
2 – We will respond to answer any questions, verify your insurance coverage and schedule an appointment with a counseling and or psychiatric specialist based on your needs
3 – Meeting to assess your needs, the fit or chemistry, define goal and plan for achieving them
4 – With the right fit and collaborative work you will be leave with skills and habits to feel and function better

How and Why Best Fit Care Works

1) The Right Specialists, When You Need Them

Best Fit is one of a few outpatient practices that have both counseling and psychiatry specialists. (highlight this sentence in a color all caps something to make it stand out) There is a shortage of psychiatrists, psychiatric NP’s and PA’s and they are essential to provide the gold standard in medical care – timely, comprehensive, collaborative, coordinated care. Only medical providers can assess other medical diagnoses, order tests, prescribe medication and they are the best to coordinate care with other medical providers. Over our 40 yrs of practice, we have learned that having psychiatry and counseling specialists on the same team are essential for Best Fit and the gold standard care you deserve.

2) Specialists Tailoring Care to Fit You

Fit Matters. We all know that one size doesn’t fit all, that if you have a heart problem it is better to see a cardiologist than a podiatrist, even if they can get you in sooner. Specialists have the experience and greater ability to tailor treatment to your specific needs. In behavioral health care, particularly counseling, skill and experience are necessary but not sufficient if the chemistry is not right.
You have to feel safe, understood, accepted, valued, that the fit is right for you. It doesn’t matter that we thought it would be or that you mom, sister, coworker thought someone was great (for them). It has to be the right fit for you and sometimes it takes a while to figure it out. We need and want your feedback. If it’s not the right fit and at any time, we hope at any time you give us a chance to find someone who is rather than not coming back. We are invested in your success and if we don’t have the right specialist for you we will try to help you find someone who is a better fit.

3) In the Safety and Comfort of Your Home, Anywhere in Michigan Via Telehealth Services

*Safety – Covid created the reason for the widespread adoption of Telehealth treatment services. Safety is still an issue and now we also know that there are many other compelling reasons why 85% of our patients now prefer online over onsite services including:
*Effective- outcomes are the same as onsite treatment for most issues…link to effective copy
*Affordable – it is covered by all of the insurance plans we accept…links to insurance tab
*Access – to specialists in underserved areas
*Timely – scheduling with specialists, particularly psychiatrists, in days, not months
*Flexibility – scheduling at more convenient times at work or home
*Convenience – not having to plan, find childcare, drive, find parking which saves time and money. There are also fewer missed appointments.
*Privacy – not being concerned about who you might see in the waiting room
For more detailed information Best Fit Telehealth Click Here

Because we believe that Fit Matters, we know telehealth care may not be right for you. For some people, they know want onsite care. Others may only know after trying it. If you have questions please call us. We want you to have information that will help you to decide if we might be the right fit for you.


Best Fit Counseling & Psychiatry